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We are proud to present the new TCP/IP/Ethernet I/O module, the IA-2128-E, featuring 16 Digital Input channels, 2 Digital I/O channels and 8 Photo Relays. This new compact yet...



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Why Local Automation?

The automation industry is a complex, highly-specialized industry.   A single automated machine can contain hundreds of intricate mechanical and electronic devices, each requiring specialized training to install, service, and support.   Businesses that invest in automation understand the complexity of their investment and, as a result, often insist on purchasing automation products exclusively from manufacturers with an extensive, local support network.

The purpose of LocalAutomation.com is to bring together 'buyers' and 'sellers' of industrial automation technologies by providing powerful online tools to both groups.

Automating the Automation Industry™

LocalAutomation.com is a free, fully-automated website.   What does that mean?   Once you open an account, you can do everything on your own, including:

Businesses / Automation Sellers   (e.g. Manufacturers, Distributors, Custom Machine Builders, and Integrators)

create an online profile for your business

advertise your products

post your upcoming events

issue online press releases

post job openings

participate in online discussions

chat online with other automation professionals

create an automation discussion group

link your business profile to your automation partners

submit products, events, and job openings for inclusion in our weekly newsletter

browse automation projects which are out for bidding in your area

Individuals / Automation Buyers   (e.g. Manufacturing Engineers, Automation Engineers, Service Technicians, etc.)

create a personal profile

apply for job openings

chat online with other automation professionals

participate in online discussions

create and administer online discussion groups

post new projects for review and receive competitive bids from LocalAutomation members

receive weekly e-mail updates featuring the latest products, press releases, local events, and job openings

expand your network of contacts within the automation industry

If you would like to advertise your business on LocalAutomation.com or simply open an individual account in order to network with other automation professionals, click here to get started!

Features for Buyers / Individuals (Free)

Take a Tour

All of the features listed below are available free-of-charge to all members of LocalAutomation.com.   All you need to do is open an account to get started!

Create a Personal Profile

Create a beautifully designed profile page featuring your biography, headshot, contact information, and any additional information that you would like to disclose (i.e resume, etc.)

Send Projects Out for Bidding

Post your projects on LocalAutomation.com and receive competitive bids from hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and custom machine builders from all over the world.   There is simply no better way to ensure that you are using the right technologies... from the best providers... at reasonable prices!

Research New Products

Browse through the latest advancements in automation technology!   All of the products in our product directory are submitted directly to LocalAutomation.com by hundreds of manufacturers and distributors from around the world.   When you find a product that suits your needs, you can contact the seller directly from our site with questions, quote requests, etc.

Register for Upcoming Events

Expand your knowledge and automation skills by attending a training event in your area!   Events are automatically sorted by geography to ensure that local events (i.e. the events that you can actually attend!) never get lost in the shuffle.

Browse Online Press Releases

Browse through hundreds of press releases which get posted to LocalAutomation.com each month!   There is no better way to stay up-to-date regarding the latest innovations in automation.

Find New Suppliers

Find your next supplier by browsing through our comprehensive directories of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and custom machine builders.   You can contact these suppliers directly through LocalAutomation.com or chat with hundreds of automation professionals in our chat room, discussion section, member groups, and more!

Find Your Next Job

Find your next automation job by browsing our extensive job directory!   Employers can post job openings on LocalAutomation.com for free!   This guarantees that we'll always have the largest, most up-to-date selection of automation jobs available anywhere online!

Participate in Groups

Join one of our member-moderated automation groups or create your own!   There is simply no better way to share industry tips with like-minded professionals!

Chat Live with Other Members

Chat live with other members or discuss automation-related topics in the Local Automation discussion section.

Network with Other Members

Get answers to your difficult questions and introduce yourself to the world's fastest-growing online network of industrial automation professionals!

Features for Sellers / Businesses (Free)

Take a Tour

All of the features listed below are available free-of-charge to business members of LocalAutomation.com.   All you need to do is open an account, and you can instantly start promoting your business - for free!

Advertise Your Business

With absolutely no programming experience required, anyone on your staff can edit your Local Automation profile page by uploading products, posting events, posting job openings, issuing press releases, and more. Each time someone submits new content, Local Automation creates a new, professionally designed webpage which is meticulously optimized for high search-engine rankings.

Promote Your Products

Each time you release a new product, you can have it uploaded and prominently displayed on LocalAutomation.com in a matter of seconds.   Simply upload a digital image and brief description of the product, and you've instantly created a beautiful webpage which is meticulously designed to encourage sales and attract high search engine rankings.

Promote Your Events

Advertise your upcoming events and create event registration pages with a few simple clicks.   You can specify a registration fee and maximum headcount for each event.   As soon as the maximum headcount is reach, the registration page automatically shuts down.

Create and Send Graphical E-Mails

When you add a new product, press release, or event to LocalAutomation.com, not only does it create a new webpage for you, it also creates a professional HTML e-mail which is ready to send to your customers. You can e-mail your customers right from your site and then track to see who opens the e-mails!

Issue Online Press Releases

Has your company been in the news recently?   Have you recently released a product?   Post your press releases with a few simple clicks and have them appear simultaneously in our press release directory and on the homepage of LocalAutomation.com!

Bid on Automation Projects

View our comprehensive list of automation projects which have been submitted by buyers from all over the world.   Submit bids on those projects which fall within your areas of expertise!

Participate in Groups

Join one of our member-moderated automation groups or create your own!   There is simply no better way to share industry tips with like-minded professionals!

Chat Live with Other Members

Chat live with other members or discuss automation-related topics in the Local Automation discussion section.

Post Job Openings

Post automation job openings at your company... absolutely for free!   Each job opening will be listed in our job directory until the position is filled!

Network with Other Members

Generate your own sales leads by introducing yourself and your business to the world's fastest-growing online network of industrial automation professionals!

Features for Sellers / Businesses (Premium)

Take a Tour

All of the features listed below are designed specifically for automation product manufacturers (e.g. manufacturers of servo systems, power supplies, vision systems, etc.)   These features will revolutionize the efficiency, transparency, and profitability of your business by seamlessly integrating all of your business sytems into a single web interface and automating the repetitive tasks of industrial sales (e.g. disseminating product announcements and press releases to your sales staff and distribution network, issuing quotations, verifying prices and lead times, etc.)

Quote Generator with Online Data Synchronization

The Local Automation Quote Generator simultaneously connects to your accounting database, customer database, and online web portal in order to help your staff generate accurate quotes (with lead times!) in a matter of seconds.   As each new line item gets entered into your quote, the Quote Generator instantly synchronizes prices and lead times with your online data!   It also scans through your customer's order history to check for previous prices, thereby ensuring that you use consistent, high-margin pricing.

Distributor Automation

Thanks to a partnership with PerfectDistribution.com, LocalAutomation.com allows you to automatically post your product announcements, press releases, and upcoming events directly to your distributors' websites.   Yes - we can really do that!   In addition, your distributors can use their own version of the Quote Generator in order to issue quotes of your products with accurate prices and lead times!

Real-Time Monitoring of Quotes, Orders, and Customers

With access to all of your business databases, Local Automation allows you to monitor all of your daily activities in real-time from our web-based interface.   Use our Quote Monitor to view your new quotes.   Use the Order Monitor to view new orders.   Use the Customer Monitor to view new customers.   Quotes, orders, and customers may be sorted by date, sales person, sales territory, part number, part description, and more.

Daily Activity Summaries

At the end of each day, Local Automation sends an e-mail to each member of your sales staff and management team.   The e-mail provides an overview of all orders, quotations, and new customers that were entered into your database on that day.   These e-mails are designed to keep your staff informed of important daily activities and to ensure prompt follow-up on new business opportunities.

Automatic Welcome E-Mails

Whenever a new customer gets added to your CRM database or quotation database, Local Automation automatically sends the customer a welcome e-mail with informaiton about your company attached.   The e-mail is personalized with the customer's name and contact information in order to encourage a reply back to one of your staff members.

Comprehensive Graphing

Local Automation allows you to plot graphs of your sales and quoting activity over any specified period using a variety of filtering criteria.   For instance, you can plot sales by month for the entire company... sales by month for a particular salesperson... sales by week for a particular product line... etc.

Comprehensive Search

Using our web-based interface, your staff can quickly search for quotes and orders based on: quote number, order number, customer name, customer location, part number, part description, and more.   All quotes and orders may be viewed on the web without ever opening your accounting program!

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