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Web Controlled 32-ch Dpdt Relay Controller

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Web Controlled 32-ch Dpdt Relay Controller






Web Controlled 32-ch Dpdt Relay Controller

New 32-ch DPDT Relay Controller, the IA-3174-E, has been announced by Intelligent-Appliance. This board that can be easily controlled via the Internet, or by any Ethernet Network thanks to its board structure and DLL support, has many other features as well.
This board has in addition to the Random Relay Operation mode, Single and Double operation modes that enable using it as a Relay Multiplexer with two or four phases.
It has a “Break-before-Make” mechanism for this operation mode, assuring no Cross Contact between different power and signal sources while switching.
Another important feature is the local expansion port included in these controllers, enabling control over several controllers through a single Internet IP port!
The IA-3174-E Commands List includes special global commands that enable the operation of hundreds relays at the same time, while each board has a different pattern.
This new IP 32-ch DPDT Relay Controller, IA-3174-E, can be controlled by several selected Host computers, while at the same time it will ignore illegal commands from other computers.
The Relay Controller software support package includes Visual Studio DLL, Open Source software examples, immediately operated program and Terminal software.
The IA-3174-E as well as all Intelligent-Appliance modules are specially made for industrial automation applications such as Environmental & Facility Management, Factory Automation, Intelligent Agriculture, Intelligent Transportation & Machine Automation.
The Modules are capable to controlled by USB / RS-232 / LAN (TCP/IP), depend on customer request.

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