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New Source Code Examples Software For Relay Control

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New Source Code Examples Software  For Relay Control






New Source Code Examples Software For Relay Control

Online Devices announces the release of new source code examples to control Industrial Relay Controllers, manufactured by Intelligent-Appliance, in a Microsoft Studio 2012 environment.
These Source Code Examples have been designed for fast and easy implementation of Intelligent-Appliance’s control modules into customers projects of Automatic Testing Equipment, Fire Safety, Industrial Automation, Medical Automation, Automatic Data Acquisition Systems, Building Control and Renewable Energy.
The first examples that have been released are C++ CLI, VB.net and C#, while C++, Java and Labview are expected to be available shortly.
These new source code examples are provided as a part of the Relay Controllers free software support package. They can also be downloaded for free on the manufacturer's web site and on Online Devices’ website: https://www.online-devices.com/cat-121-Software_Examples___Free_Download.aspx
For more information please contact sales@online-devices.com

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