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New Industrial Digital Inputs Outputs With Tcp Ip Interface

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New Industrial Digital Inputs Outputs With Tcp Ip Interface






New Industrial Digital Inputs Outputs With Tcp Ip Interface

Intelligent Appliance, leading technology developer and manufacturer, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems, is pleased to announce its latest product,
IA-2662-E, 96-ch Ethernet based Industrial Digital I/O Controller.

IA-2662-E – Ethernet based Industrial Digital I/O Controller
The IA-2662-E Ethernet Relay Boards are equipped with LAN (TCP/IP) interface firmware that enables Control over a single board or a group of boards at once, allowing an easy and efficient computer control via Ethernet, local network, wireless network etc.
The Board is assigned with an IP address, and can be controlled and monitored simply by a software utility that is included in the software support package, or it can be controlled by the open source code software examples, making use of the most capable MS Studio software driver.
Comparing to alternative solutions that are based on Ribbon expansion method, and force the use of additional cables and Screw Terminal Boards, the IA-2662-E product is of self-contained method, includes onboard Pluggable Screw Terminal Blocks, Ethernet Port and a local Microcontroller, providing most efficient, economic, compact, multichannel Digital I/O solution.
The IA-2662-E Digital I/O controller includes 48 input channels that are capable of handling 3.3V LVTTL signals, 5V TTL signals and up to 32VDC signals, user definable.
The IA-2662-E 48 output channels capability is board version defined. The main production unit is capable of sinking up to 300mA on each channel, at a voltage range of up to 32VDC, while the “T” suffix version is TTL or LVTTL compatible, user defined.
The IA-2662-E fits a wide range of industrial applications as Machine Interface, Data Acquisition, Absolute Encoder Reading and Simulation, Automatic Test Control etc.

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