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New 24ch 24ch Relay And Isolated Digital Inputs Industrial Usb Board

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New 24ch 24ch Relay And Isolated Digital Inputs Industrial Usb Board






New 24ch 24ch Relay And Isolated Digital Inputs Industrial Usb Board

Intelligent-Appliance has announced a new 24-ch/24-ch, Relay and Isolated Digital Inputs, Industrial USB Relay board, IA-3128S-U2i.
This new Industrial USB board includes 24 Relays, rated at 5 Amp both @ 30VDC and 250VAC. It includes 24 Isolated Digital Inputs that are solely wired, rated at a Voltage Isolation of 2500V, RMS, and at a low operation current starting at 2 mA.
This Industrial Relay board is designed to operate in an extreme hostile environment. Its USB port is Isolated from the Host Computer, avoiding EMI/RFI Factory Floor Noisy Environment affecting the computer operation. Its relay contacts are protected by on board Voltage Suppressors, assuring a quiet and safe operation and long relay operation life.
Two out of the 24 Digital Inputs may be used as Event Counting Inputs, while all Digital inputs include a Programmable Digital Filter, providing an additional flexible Noise Protection.
The IA-3128S-U2i includes a transparent, buffered Daisy-Chain facility, enabling an easy Multi-Drop operation. This way, several Series-3000 devices may be chained to a single USB port on the Host PC, while they are actually totally isolated from it.
The software support package includes DOT.net Commands Library, Open Source examples and Configuration utility.
The board is manufactured according to ROHS laws and regulations, which restricts the use of certain hazardous materials, and is CE and FCC approved.

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