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Long Distance, Cat5 Wired, Dry Contact Io, Peer To Peer Ready

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Long Distance, Cat5 Wired, Dry Contact Io, Peer To Peer Ready






Long Distance, Cat5 Wired, Dry Contact Io, Peer To Peer Ready

Intelligent-Appliance announced a new I/O device, IA-3886-5, featuring 8 Isolated Digital Inputs and 8 Relays, making the use of Cat5 easy wiring both for powering and communication purposes, and is capable of maintaining a secured operation through a distance of over 1KM.

This new device series was designed to monitor and control multi-element structures such as buildings, machines, lighting systems and so on, including the capability of handling remote sites such as remote buildings, remote gates and more.

For this kind of operation, a host computer and multi-device chained structure is suitable. This kind of structure is, in a way, similar to a wireless structure, and should be considered whenever high reliability and longer distance is needed, as well as in cases that RF transmission is inefficient or must be avoided.

Another structure kind that fits this series` abilities is the Peer-to-Peer structure. In this case, two devices may be wired to each other without the need of a hosting computer, and easily reflect the input state of one device to the another, in a most reliable way.

This Peer-to-Peer structure can be used to control local or remote facilities without the need of venerable computers to handle this simple yet highly protected task. Computers can still be connected to this system, for monitoring purpose, while in sensitive cases, unidirectional interface devices should be used.

Other members of this series include higher channel density, power relays, motor controllers and more.

A similar device, the IA-3881-5, is capable of driving over 5Amp @ 30VDC, 0.7Amp per port, built on Solid-State devices, assuring a long term, reliable solution.

The software support includes DOT.net Library, setting and configuration utilities, as well as open source software examples for fast and easy system integration.

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