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Ia-1622-u Usb Handy Control Box

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Ia-1622-u Usb Handy Control Box






Ia-1622-u Usb Handy Control Box

Online-Devices announces a new USB Handy Control Box, IA-1622-U, manufactured by Intelligent Appliance, with 2 Relays, 2 Digital Inputs, Status Indicators and various built in operation functions.

The IA-1622-U can be used for Experiment Automation, Camera Triggering, Button Reading, Event Counting, Move Direction Monitoring, COM Control and more. This is a new Device released Sept 2012.

As a fine Virtual RS-232 controlled device all operating systems, including MAC and Linux, are supported.

Open Code Sample programs, set-up utilities and a detailed manual are provided to ensure fast user implementation.

Online Devices initiated a special promotion price for the IA-1622-U as you can see by following this link: https://www.online-devices.com/product.aspx?id=521 or contacting Jasmine at sales@online-devices.com

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