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Gun Drill Automation

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Gun Drill Automation






Gun Drill Automation

Turbocraft, Inc. announces new product for the owners of older Gun Drills with servos and controllers that are no longer available - particularly the owners of the older Eldorado Tool Co. gun drills.
You now have a new option available to you: a controls upgrade that includes new servo motor, touchscreen controls, and all new electronics.
The touchscreen replaces the old pushbutton controls, and the new servo/PLC combination replaces the old servo motor and controller.
All the old electronics are removed (except the original disconnect) and replaced with a UL labeled sub panel.
The original pushbutton holes are covered by a T-Slot accessory panel, with optional T-slot accessories available like a Part Drain Tray, Instrument Tray, Tool Hangers, and covered belt hooks for storing Spindle Motor belts.

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