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OPC Database NET

Eldridge Engineering, Inc.

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Eldridge Engineering, Inc. OPC Database NET - OPC Database NET by Eldridge Engineering, Inc.

OPC Database NET by Eldridge Engineering, Inc.

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Data logging to SQL Server, SQL Server Desktop (MSDE), Access, Oracle, and CSV files. Unique data handling from local and remote services that never misses data values as fast as 10 milliseconds. Runs as a Windows Service and comes with free configuration application to allow on-line modifications from local or remote systems. Combine with OPC Trend.NET for historical trend replay.

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About Eldridge Engineering, Inc.

Eldridge Engineering, Inc.

OPC Systems.NET is a complete HMI and SCADA suite to build Smart Client applications using Microsoft Visual Studio.   Includes all features of OPC Controls.NET, OPC Mobile.NET, OPC Web Controls.NET, OPC Trend.NET, OPC Alarm.NET, OPC Database.NET, OPC Recipe.NET, OPC Report.NET, and OPC Route.NET.

Create your own HMI product quickly and easily our contact one of our service teams to help you with training and application development.

We offer OEM pricing and work through distributors located world wide.