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CAS BACnet Object Monitor

Chipkin Automation Systems

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Chipkin Automation Systems CAS BACnet Object Monitor  - CAS BACnet Object Monitor  by Chipkin Automation Systems

CAS BACnet Object Monitor by Chipkin Automation Systems

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Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. proudly presents its newly developed software named CAS BACnet Object Monitor to the automation world. It is launched in January 2012, a Windows-based software for the automation engineers to test and monitor the connections to BACnet IP devices easily.

CAS BACnet Object Monitor is extremely simple to use. A user can configure BACnet data points either manually through a configuration screen or by importing a configuration file. The user can then view connection and status details of the configure points on the status screen.

Some requirements are needed for the application to run successfully. First of all, the application must be installed on a computer running a Windows operating system. Secondly, the computer that the application is installed on must be on the same subnet as the BACnet IP device to be monitored or tested. Lastly, the BACnet IP device being monitored or tested must have objects of types: analog input/output/value, binary input/output/value, or multi-state input/output/value.

Upon successful download, a user manual will pop up automatically to explain on its general operation, instructions and Frequently Ask Questions. If this application is being used on a trial basis, the notification banner will display the "Trial Version Active" message. The Trial Version limits the user to monitor a maximum of 3 BACnet objects.

If the connection to the BACnet IP device is interrupted, or there was no connection in the first place, the table entries for the objects on the Status Page will have a red background indicating a loss of connection.

Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. also developed several automation utilities such as CAS Bacnet Explorer and CAS Modbus Scanner. For additional information on the news of this release, contact us at (866) 383-1657 or visit www.chipkin.com.

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Chipkin Automation Systems

Established in 2000, Chipkin Automation Systems is a specialist engineering consultancy providing services that are currently focused on system integration and protocol conversion. We are a small team - consisting of 3 full time engineers, a contract engineer we like to work with and our administrator. Our team of engineers are highly qualified and collectively have significant experience in a broad range of fields. We offer significant hands-on experience as our engineering personnel have spent time on site performing commissioning activities and providing construction supervision. We sell and support FieldServer develop communication drivers for industrial, building automation, HVAC, fire and other networks. Serial and Ethernet. Also develop custom hmi visualizations such as ActiveX and Flash. Integrate your device into BACnet Lonworks, Metasys, Rockwell, Modicon and over 100 others.