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Thomson Pc Series Precision Linear Actuators

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Thomson Pc Series Precision Linear Actuators






Thomson Pc Series Precision Linear Actuators

Spend Less Time Selecting and Assembling Actuator Motors!

Thomson PC Series linear actuators are now available matched and fitted with servo motors.

Thomson PC Series™ electric actuators are designed to deliver superior performance as they are stronger, faster and longer-reaching than other comparable units on the market. The PC Series offers a broad range of accessories and options, including servo motors, making them ideal for virtually any application.

PC Series actuators have built a sterling reputation in the linear motion industry for their superior performance, including exceptional power density, high speed and duty cycles, and long stroke length.

These models are now available fitted with a wide range of suitable Kollmorgen AKM servo motors, which come fully assembled and tested – directly from Thomson.

No longer do you need to spend valuable time selecting and assembling motors – Thomson can help you quickly match up the ideal solution for your customers.

Exceptional Power Density:
• Provides market-leading load capabilities
• Allows you to downsize your equipment
• Helps extend the actuator’s operating life

Higher Speed:
• Reduces the overall machine cycle time
• Allows for seamless integration with
other high-speed machinery and processes
• Enables electric actuation in new machine
axes and applications

Longer Stroke Length:
• Provides solution for hard-to-reach places
• Gives greater freedom in the mounting position
• Covers larger areas in scanning, cutting and
measuring applications

Key Attributes:
• Large-diameter ball screw
• Optimized thrust bearing
• Unique carrier design
• Large-diameter extension tube
in relation to the compact envelope

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