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Thomson - Aquatrue Planetary Gearheads

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Thomson - Aquatrue Planetary Gearheads






Thomson - Aquatrue Planetary Gearheads

Meet even the most demanding applications with AquaTrue planetary gearheads.

Revolutionary, corrosion-resistant and water-tight.

AquaTrue gearheads are perfect for food and beverage handling, packaging, and dispensing applications. These gearheads can be placed anywhere in your application designs - regardless of environmental factors.

AquaTrue gearheads are able to handle caustic cleaning chemicals and high-pressure washdown, eliminating the cost of additional components such as enclosures, shielding or mechanical transmissions.

Features and benefits:

• Round housing
• No external seams
• No corners or areas for bacteria to collect
• No areas of ingress
• Corrosion resistance
• Can handle high pressure washdown
• IP66/IP67 and IP69K protection on both input and output
• 300 Series stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion
• NSF/ANSI 169 certification


Food Handling
The AquaTrue is the first gearhead on the market that comes standard with NSF/ANSI 169 certification. It's complete stainless steel construction makes it a perfect fit for food handling applications. FDA approved grease is used on all sizes of the AquaTrue. The output housing is round, completely stainless steel, has no external seams and has a laser-etched permanent product label. The product has no areas for bacteria to collect and can be easily cleaned during machine washdown.

Water Jet Cleaning
The AquaTrue can be used in more than just food and beverage applications. It also is a perfect fit in applications that require sealing from high pressure water or other chemicals such as water jet cutting. The high pressure water streams associated with water jet cutting make the sealing of the mechanical components critical. The IP66, IP67 and IP69K protection that is standard with the AquaTrue product line means it is completely sealed from high pressure water or corrosive chemical. Since all of the external components are stainless steel there is no concern for rust or corrosion.

Other Applications
• Food packaging
• Beverage dispensing
• Medical hygienic equipment
• Pharmaceutical
• Washdown applications
• Meat slicing

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