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The Newest Hmi In Weinteks Dual Ethernet Family

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The Newest Hmi In Weinteks Dual Ethernet Family






The Newest Hmi In Weinteks Dual Ethernet Family

Based on the existing 4.3” MT8050iE model, this new generation model has the same cutout dimension as its predecessor. Furthermore, despite its tiny profile, it has successfully incorporated dual-Ethernet architecture, and users will be able to reap all the benefits dual-Ethernet architecture may offer.
Dual-Ethernet-port ensures that MT8053iE can be on two independent networks, whereby one port connects to the controller, and the other one connects to the host computer or is used for remote control (e.g.: built-in EasyAccess 2.0). Not only will the separation of networks effectively avoid the possibility of network interference and congestion, but it will also greatly improve the reliability and stability of data transfer, leaving out security concerns.

MT8053iE Features

■ High Performance
32-bit RISC 600MHz CPU and 16.7M colors display.
■ Rich I/O
Dual-Ethernet, USB Host 2.0, Serial Ports COM1: RS-232/RS-4852W/4W COM3: RS-485 2W.
■ High Reliability
Industrial level protections: PCB coating and power isolation
■ Wide Input Voltage Range
10.5~28VDC wide voltage range input for installation in varied power conditions.
■ Powerful Connectivity
Supports more than 300 drivers, most of which are for major brands of PLCs and controllers.
■ Remote Access Service, EasyAccess 2.0
The EasyAccess 2.0 license is included; therefore, activation using an activation card is not necessary.
■ IIoT Protocol Support
Supports MQTT and MODBUS TCP/IP Gateway, making it convenient to access data for upper layer devices.

Applicable software version: EasyBuilder Pro V6.02.01 or later