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Rohtek Automation Releases The Hmi-tv

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Rohtek Automation Releases The Hmi-tv






Rohtek Automation Releases The Hmi-tv

Rohtek Automation releases the HMI-TV (Model mTV-100).

This revolutionary Graphic HMI will transform any consumer TV with HDMI input into an Industrial HMI Display.

Not only a KPI Display unit but a FULL HMI Screen capable of controlling your factory by a click of a mouse with VNC server and Email notification capabilities.


• Compact design and DIN-rail mountable.

• Power isolator inside.

• HDMI output allows displaying projects on any TV or monitor with HDMI interface.

• Supports 1280x720 high resolution editing screen.

• Supports Gigabit Ethernet port.

• EasyBuilder Pro editor software with powerful functionality supports embedded PLC tags and

strengthens protection with Enhanced Security Mode.

• Complies with cULus & CE certification

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