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Mb Connect - New Mbnetfix

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Mb Connect - New Mbnetfix






Mb Connect - New Mbnetfix

mbNETFIX - The Industrial Firewall for the Automation User

mbNETFIX is a self-learning, easy-to-configure industrial firewall. It can be operated in bridge or in gateway mode.

In bridge mode it is ideal for retrofitting existing networks. It can be installed out of the box, without introducing changes in the network and, once installed, it protects your networks immediately. In gateway mode, selected areas of network can be separated. Again, the learning mode simplifies the creation of the filter tables.

The concept is based on "security by design" right from the start. In order to keep attack vectors as small as possible, a web interface was deliberately disregarded. The firewall is configured with a specific software via the USB port.

Technical Specifications:
IP, port, MAC and protocol filters for monitoring and restricting data traffic
Versatile NAT functionalities, e.g. 1:1 NAT, SimpleNAT and port forwarding
Static Routes
1x WAN and 3x LAN port switch
Configuration with comfortable software
Security by Design
Power supply 10-30 VDC
DIN rail mounting
Dimensions 69mm x 38.5mm x 92.5mm (W x D x H)