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Cost Effective Multi-touch Hmi Tablet

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Cost Effective Multi-touch Hmi Tablet






Cost Effective Multi-touch Hmi Tablet

Rohtek Automation introduces the cMT-iV5 multi-touch HMI.
The new cMT-iV5 multi-touch interface panel connects to the cMT-SVR via 1G Ethernet to create a powerful distributed HMI architecture. The cMT-iV5 can connect to cMT-SVR concurrently with iPad(s) to enhance operational efficiency. The cMT-iV5 capacitive touch panel, incorporating a tempered glass surface, is very durable. With a multi-touch interface equivalent to the well-received CloudHMI iPad app, and equipped with the powerful Cortex A9 1GHz Dual-Core processor and high resolution 1024x768 display, the cMT-iV5 makes your touch experience smooth and easy.

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