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Axis Industrial Automation Opens Chicago Office

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Axis Industrial Automation Opens Chicago Office






Axis Industrial Automation Opens Chicago Office

Chicago, Illinois - On September 1st, 2007, Axis Industrial Automation opened the doors on a new office in Chicago, Illinois. Axis is a high-tech distribution and engineering firm with expertise in the fields of motion control, machine control, machine vision, and process automation. We are new to the Chicago area and are pleased to offer our unique capabilities to the manufacturers, machine builders, systems integrators, and OEMs of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa.
Axis is a full-service automation company - providing sales, support, and engineering services to all of our customers. We distribute many of the top automation product lines in the industry and are dedicated to helping our customers select, design, install, program, and integrate all that we have to offer, including:

-- machine vision systems
-- motion control systems
-- programmable logic controllers (PLCs)
-- safety systems
-- hmi / operator interfaces
-- industrial computers
-- barcode readers / verifiers
-- sensors
-- positioning systems
-- industrial software

Doing business with Axis is a truly unique experience. Axis President, Sean Broihier, spent ten years solving automation applications in the New York metropolitan area and understands the intricate details of mechanical design, control system design, and complete system integration. Mr. Broihier is also an internet entrepreneur and recently unveiled AxisMidwest.com as the most comprehensive business-to-business resource in the automation industry.
Via the AxisMidwest.com website, Axis customers have the ability to:

-- view real-time product prices and lead times
-- enter orders online
-- view order history
-- view quote history
-- receive e-mail notifications of order shipments with tracking information
-- and much more...

If you are interested in learning more about Axis, our products, our capabilities, our history, and most importantly, how we can help increase the profitability of your business, please visit AxisMidwest.com or call 312-238-9009 to schedule an appointment with one of our sales engineers.

In addition, I encourage you to attend one of our upcoming seminars which are scheduled throughout September, October, and November. The complete seminar schedule is posted on AxisMidwest.com. There is a seminar there for everyone. Some seminars are designed to introduce new technologies. Some are geared towards engineers who want to learn a new skill (e.g. Visual Basic .NET, motion control programming, etc.), and others are targeted at managers and business owners who are looking for more efficient, more profitable ways of doing business.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introductory letter. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your business.

Sean Broihier