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A Next Generation Hmi For True Wireless Industrial Applications

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A Next Generation Hmi For True Wireless Industrial Applications






A Next Generation Hmi For True Wireless Industrial Applications

Over the past years, Weintek has continuously invested in research and development for cMT Series innovations. As the series gradually grows with more capabilities, it is gaining acceptance in IIoT applications, which rely heavily on network communication support. Nonetheless, Weintek is aware that not all factories were built with network connectivity in mind. In many cases, establishing network and wiring tend to be an obstacle for upgrade, and it is especially true when installation needs to be made on a moving platform. In such cases, Wi-Fi connectivity comes to the rescue. In light of this, Weintek now introduces a new wireless model, cMT-SVR-200, which is based on cMT-SVR-100 with added Wi-Fi connectivity.

cMT-SVR-200 has inherited all the key characteristics, including multi-display and remote monitoring. By running cMT Viewer App on a tablet, mobile phone, or PC, the operators can wirelessly monitor and control multiple cMT HMIs. Even when the operator is not on site, EasyAccess 2.0 makes remote monitoring possible while at the same time allows pass-through connection to a remote PLC. Without a touchscreen, cMT-SVR-200 can be installed inside a control cabinet, thus eliminating concerns over screen wear loss. But when a screen is needed, installing a cMT-iV5 will suffice.

Compared to its predecessor, cMT-SVR-200 adopts wide input voltage range adaptable to varied power conditions. In addition, the Wi-Fi in cMT-SVR-200 supports 802.11b/g/n wireless communication standards and WPA/WPA2 security, enabling HMI to send/collect valuable data effectively, accurately and safely in harsh and complex industrial environment. Now with the release of cMT-SVR-200, users are provided with a new choice that will help overcome wiring obstacles, within the great cMT architecture.