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8 Channels Dry Contact Tiny Usb Io Device

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8 Channels Dry Contact Tiny Usb Io Device






8 Channels Dry Contact Tiny Usb Io Device

The tiny multipurpose I/O device, that includes Dry-Contact I/O, 4 channels Dry-Contact inputs and enhanced Relays output with both Normally Open and Normally Close contacts on each channel, tiny sized, easy mounted, USB powered and controlled!

The IA-1214-U is a new Intelligent-Appliance enclosed I/O device, a new Series-3000 compatible device, fitting infinite I/O tasks to be handled in a simple and easy way, making use of Microsoft Visual Studio .net library, software utilities and code examples.
The IA-1214-U includes 4 Digital Input channels that can be operated by Dry-Contact as already been defined, but can be operated by positive signal as well, in the range of 4 to 30 VDC.
Software wise the IA-1214-U doesn’t have to be polled to monitor its inputs state. An appropriate operation mode can be selected, causing a software updating routine generated automatically by the module on each Digital Input state change.
The IA-1214-U relays contacts rated at 2Amp @ 30VDC and 0.5 Amp @ 125 VAC making it capable of handling a wide portion of general I/O tasks, in spite of its tiny size.
All Series-3000 devices are CE, FCC approved and ROHS compliant.
The software support package, for this series includes DOT.net library, immediate execution utilities, general operation software terminal and open source examples for quick and easy integration into customer’s applications.
Intelligent-Appliance is a leading designer and manufacturer of intelligent relay controllers, specializing in Industrial Data Acquisition and Control Systems.

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