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Sales Account Manager

Mcaps Incorporated

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Job Title:

Sales Account Manager


South Houston , Texas - United States


Mcaps Incorporated


March 27th, 2021


Not Specified


Bachelors Degree


3+ Years


< 25%

Job Description:

The Account Manager serves as the primary business contact for the client and is responsible for client satisfaction. The AM is expected to consistently provide excellent customer service to accounts, as well as represent client needs and goals within the organization to ensure quality. In addition, the AM will should build relationships with clients to encourage new and repeat business opportunities.


Responsible for all client communications, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables and revenue.
Reviews all major deliverables (i.e. strategic brief, function spec, tech spec, etc.) to ensure quality standards and client expectations are met.
Ensures that client issues are dealt with in an efficient manner, informing the Account Director or Managing Director of any problems that may arise.
Owns the contract and contract renewals for new work for an existing client.
Approves Change Orders and invoices, and is responsible for payment collections.
Ensures that all processes and procedures are completed, quality standards are met, and that projects are profitable.
Aware and in pursuit of opportunities for account growth and new business, involving the Account Director, Sales or other Personnel.
Communicates the client\\\'s goals and represent the client\\\'s interests to the team.
Provides regular two-way communication between the client and team, to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations.
Understanding of company capabilities and service, and effectively communicates all offerings to the client.
Reports to the Account Director, providing regular input on all account activity, including status and call reports on a weekly basis.

Company Background

Mcaps Incorporated was established in 2001 as a full service integration firm. The company was originally founded to provide completly integrated control systems to many industries such as Drilling, Manufacturing, Petrochemical, and OEM's. Over the years, we have grown into a high tech distribution firm dedicated to providing quality products and solutions to our clients at a great price. Mcaps ... read more