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Systems Assembler

QDS Systems, Inc.

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Systems Assembler


Baton Rouge, LA - United States


QDS Systems, Inc.


October 10th, 2020


Not Specified


High School Diploma


5+ Years


< 25%

Job Description:

3.1 Must speak English well enough to take instructions from supervisor and communicate with co-workers and customers. Must be able to read and write English.
3.2 Must have full use of the body and senses to be able to service, repair, build and operate equipment.
3.3 Must have a valid drivers license and clean driving record.
3.4 Must be able to lift in excess of 40 pounds.
3.5 Must have excellent eyesight and depth perception.
3.6 This position primarily involves assembly of industrial and municipal control systems. The employee will need to interpret engineering sketches and have a basic understanding of electrical control and ladder logic. This includes:
3.7 Written and direct contact with QDS engineering and technical support personnel
3.8 Coordinating with QDS systems engineers responsible for hardware and software design.
3.9 Assembly and wiring of control and panels and drive systems from electrical connection and panel layout drawings.
3.10 Perform fundamental electrical checkout of control panels and drive system wiring.
3.11 Assist QDS engineering personnel in quality control testing of systems prior to shipment.
3.12 Assist QDS engineering personnel in final acceptance testing of systems witnessed by clients prior to shipment.
3.13 Coordinating with and assisting of QDS field engineering personnel during system installation and startup.
3.14 Assistance in field of QDS field engineering personnel and clients as required.

Given basic training in control panel and drive system assembly, employees will be expected to handle 90% of the above responsibilities without assistance from peers or supervisors.

3.15 Required Technical Skills:
Through knowledge of electrical wiring fundamentals
Through knowledge of ladder logic schematics, including the ability to read schematics and troubleshoot them.
Experience preferred in the wiring and troubleshooting of drive systems
Some knowledge of Windows 95 IBM-PC compatible operation and AutoCAD drafting software helpful

4.1 The work is primarily performed in the shop with some field work within the region.

5.1 Enter relevant data regarding your tasks in Project Management Tracking System.
5.2 Document billing hours and report it as scheduled.
5.3 Examine Bill of Material for existing shop supplies and include shop supplies for the job.
5.4 Contact engineering for concerns and question.
5.5 Assign a location for project parts.
5.6 Make necessary documentation when parts arrive.
5.7 Turn over the packing slip to Operations Manager
5.8 Coordinate job priorities with System Engineer Manager.
5.9 Plan your work according to the approved budget on each project.
5.10 Complete work within or below budgetary limit. If you go over budget, it must be justified by factors beyond your control.
5.11 Participate in information dissemination and decision-making meetings and make contributions in eliminating bottlenecks and costs overruns.
5.12 On continuous basis study and evaluate our processes and make suggestions for improvement.
5.13 Organize for the assembly of projects within the budgeted time.
5.14 Train and manage assembly personnel to meet budget and quality expectation.
5.15 Manage shop assembly projects, monitoring percent completed vs. allocated time for completion and adjusting plans to meet goals
5.16 Interact with other QDS personnel as needed.
5.17 Solve work-unit problems
5.18 Present relevant information to QDS personnel
5.19 Making sure the parts and material are most cost effective in terms of price and hours spent for installation, modifications, and corrections.
5.20 Double check drawings, electrical diagrams, Bill of Material, and clear assembly details.
5.21 Prepare Bill of Material for all items including high dollar and long lead-time items for purchasing Department.
5.22 Check the product and obtain approval for modifications.
5.23 Design the shop project area for maximum utilization with adequate pathways for equipment transfer.
5.24 Design and maintain warehouse for maximum utilization and adequate pathways for equipment transfer.
5.25 Set minimum and maximum inventory levels for wires, parts, and supplies.
5.26 Maintain set inventory levels.
5.27 Store tool in pre-designated areas and assign a number to each tool.
5.28 Create and maintain a check out log for tools.
5.29 Maintain storage shelves for tools and supplies in an organized manner.

Company Background

QDS Systems is a control and information systems integrator, providing turnkey industrial and municipal monitoring and control solutions since 1984. A certified member of the Control and Information Systems Integrator Association, QDS Systems offers a number of services involved in bridging the gap between plant processes and the front office including licensed professional engineering sevices in... read more