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Simotion PLC Based Motion Controller


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Siemens Simotion PLC Based Motion Controller - Simotion PLC Based Motion Controller by Siemens

Simotion PLC Based Motion Controller by Siemens

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SIMOTION is a motion control system which offers an optimized all-in-one solution for production machines (e.g., packaging, printing, converting, plastics).

Besides the main task motion control SIMOTION is also able to handle all necessary tasks for the entire machine automation. Each SIMOTION platform supports at least:

Motion Control: speed and position control, and synchronous operation (gear, cam) for electrical and hydraulic axes
Probe and PLS functionality
Technology: pressure control, temperature control
Logic: all features of a regular PLC
Communication: PROFIBUS and Ethernet for Engineering, HMI and coupling to other devices or networks

A SIMOTION system consists of 3 main parts:

SIMOTION Hardware Platform: the control for the machine application
SIMOTION Runtime Software: customizable software packages
SIMOTION Engineering Software: the tool for all engineering tasks
3 different hardware platforms offer the widest range for the user requirements

SIMOTION C (controller based platform) for users who require the modular SIMATIC S7-30 mounting technology.
SIMOTION D (drive based platform) for users who require a drive integrated and a very compact solution for their machines.
SIMOTION P (PC based platform) for users who want to take advantage of the system power and openness of the PC world

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