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PowerView Operator Interfaces

Nematron Corporation

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Nematron Corporation PowerView Operator Interfaces - PowerView Operator Interfaces by Nematron Corporation

PowerView Operator Interfaces by Nematron Corporation

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PowerView 6000 & 8000 Series
4.3" to 15.0" Industrial Operator Interface Terminals with Extensive PC-like Expansion

The PowerView 6000 & 8000 series provide a new level of performance and hardware expansion to operator Interface applications. The extensive communication support for a wide range of popular PLCs and Servo Controllers will allow simultaneous connection of up to 16 different controllers, along with Peer-to-Peer and Global variables functions. A comprehensive range of hardware interfaces are offered as standard and extend application support for USB, CompactFlash, Hard Disk, Bar Code Scanner, Wireless and many other devices. Free downloadable EasyBuilder 8000 configuration software supports all standard HMI functions, and includes macro, math and logic capability for advanced operations. Included with EasyBuilder is a subset of the popular Symbol Factory 2.0 graphics library, containing over 2,000 graphical objects.

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About Nematron Corporation

Nematron Corporation

Nematron has been pioneering innovative computer and visualization solutions for the manufacturing and process industries for nearly 30 years. During that time we developed the first human machine interface (HMI) and Industrial PC. We patented Visual Flowchart Language (VFL™ ), an advanced programming environment that provides an easy-to-use alternative to traditional ladder logic programming.

Today, Nematron has hundreds of thousands of systems installed worldwide and continues to develop innovative new solutions. Our customers benefit from reduced life-cycle costs, improved machine or process flexibility, and improved integration of manufacturing-generated information into enterprise level systems.

In addition to the sales of Industrial PCs, HMIs, I/O, embedded Controllers and Automation Software we can provide custom design, application, and integration services. We also provide service and repair capabilities for many of our legacy systems.

Nematron operates from our North American headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan and from our European office in Hampshire, England. Contact us to learn about the many products and solutions we can provide you.