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GPS-601M GPS Multilingual Tour Commentary System

Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

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Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd. GPS-601M GPS Multilingual Tour Commentary System - GPS-601M GPS Multilingual Tour Commentary System by Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

GPS-601M GPS Multilingual Tour Commentary System by Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

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This product is mainly used for tourist bus, coach, boat, train and other tourist transportation area, it improve the quality of tourism services and reduce travel services costs.
GPS Multilingual system include 5 parts: Host Device, driver display, HUB device, SUB device, PC Software.

*Automatic GPS technology, without any manual operation, sharing of driver labor intensity, safe operation.
*Support unlimited number of lines and tour places, best choice for multi- routes with one bus.
*Can easy copy route information to other buses, simply operations. same as computer.
*Very convenient to copy data via micro SD card or U disk.
*Support audio playback.
*Auto switching North-South, South-North route when the device power on, no any manual operation needed.
*Automatic nearest station playing, auto interrupting audio once device exceed bus stops.
*Compatible with all standard bus stops auto reporter, can set any languages to play at loudspeakers broadcast.
*Built-in high capacity lithium battery backup power to prevent accidental power off, affecting the device is working properly.
*Built-in two ways 15W digital amplifier can directly drive an external speaker.
*Support UNICODE code, can support any languages, very useful for driver who do not know a second language.
*Support route convert to KML file export functions, convenient for user to check route information through Google Earth.
*Support background music.
*Support through the main device to update the information on sub-device.(such as channels number, the default volume, drive power, flag information)
*Support live tour commentary audio record, easy for live tour information check by officer.
*Over load short circuit automatic protection. do not need to change fuse.
*One Microphone input, interrupt all channels automatically.
*Support Bluetooth microphone, can play any audio from phone through Bluetooth or two microphones input for live guiding, interrupt 2 channels. Other channels audio commentary played simultaneously.
*Power current amplifier.
*Split one RJ45 signal to 6 RJ45 signal.(standard CAT-5e)
*Make installation easier and flexible by using CAT-5e cables.
*Support 2 video AV input, support one way DVR automatically detection.

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Meicheng Audio Video Co., Ltd.

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