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Camera Link Frame Grabber


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MoviMED Camera Link Frame Grabber - Camera Link Frame Grabber by MoviMED

Camera Link Frame Grabber by MoviMED

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National Instruments image acquisition products for Camera Link cameras are designed for machine vision and scientific imaging applications that require high-performance image acquisition with simple cabling. NI products for Camera Link can acquire images from any Camera Link camera.

Key Features

# Image acquisition from base, medium, and full-configuration Camera Link cameras
# Interactive camera configuration from software
# Standard Camera Link cabling
# Compatible with NI Vision Builder AI, LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, C/C++, and Visual Basic

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About MoviMED


MoviMED specializes in custom medical, scientific and industrial imaging solutions.

MoviMED is a complete solution provider for:
- Machine Vision Software (Custom/ off-the-shelf)
- Turnkey Machine Vision System Design
- IR Non-Destructive Testing (IR-NDT), Pulse and Lock-in Thermography

In addition to their integration services, the company also carries a full line of machine vision components:
- Lenses (CCTV, Zoom, Fixed Focal, Telecentric, Microscopic, Surveillance etc.)
- Illumination (LED illumination, Visible, UV, IR, diffused, on-axis, line lights, dome lights, back lights)
- Digital Cameras
    (Smart Cameras, CCD, CMOS, Line Scan, Area Scan, Firewire, GigE, Camera Link, USB, Thermal, IR, UV, X-Ray, High-Speed)
- Embedded Vision Systems, Compact Vision Systems
- Frame Grabbers

FLIR, SONY, Allied Vision Technology (AVT), DVC, New Electronic Technology, Foculus, Toshiba, Teli, 1st-Vision, Fast Tec, Fujinon, Navitar, Tamron, Pentax, Computar, Opto-Engineering, National Instruments, CCS-America, Advanced Illumination, Illumination Technology, Metaphase Technology, Edmund Optics, Automation Technology, Newmark Systems and others...

MoviMED Alliances: National Instruments Alliance Partner, VAR and authorized Vision Integrator, Member of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA)