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Techbase SA Aport-211W - Aport-211W by Techbase SA

Aport-211W by Techbase SA

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The Aport-211W is a mini-mighty Serial-to-Ethernet gateway which is designed for applications requiring quick, reliable and seamless integration of existing RS-232/422/485 devices to an Ethernet network.
The Aport-211W can behave as a TCP server, a TCP client or an UDP node on a Ethernet network to fulfill versatile application requirements.
64KB Space for User Web Pages

The Aport-211W features an extra 64KB Flash memory space to store user web pages. Taking advantage of Java applet, users can easily implement simple web-based device monitoring and control. Users can compose web pages and develop Java applets with preferred tools, then use Artila Windows utility to transfer these files to the web server of the Aport-211W through LAN/WAN.
Programmable Digital I/O

Besides, the Aport-211W also provides 6 TTL plus 2 CMOS digital I/Os. A pre-defined ASCII command set is provided for users to control these I/Os through LAN/WAN.

- Connect RS-232/422/485 devices to TCP/IP network
- 64KB space for user web pages and Java applets
- Eight programmable digital I/Os
- 10/100Mbps Ethernet; 38,400bps serial data rate
- Supports TCP/Server, TCP/Client and UDP mode
- Web/Telnet/Serial consoles for device configuration
- Windows utility for device configuration and management
- Firmware upgradeable
- Wall and DIN-rail mountable

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About Techbase SA

Techbase SA

TechBase SA is a distributor of industrial devices and software on the Polish market. Our target group includes companies dealing with the integration of systems in the field of automation and industrial information technology. The team of our workers includes people with many years of experience in the distribution of electronic and computer products for industry. That is why we know how important it is that our clients are provided not only with the equipment but also with our professional technical support and a guarantee of immediate and efficient servicing of the devices

The headquarters of the company is situated in the city of Gdańsk, Poland. Our building serves strictly as an office and a warehouse. The trainings and technical workshops that help our clients gain practical knowledge of the technical details of the solutions offered are organized in special training rooms, prepared for this purpose, with the cooperation of the producers of the equipment that we distribute. Moreover, we frequently organize individual trainings at our clients’ premises and our sales representatives and technical advisors are always willing to answer any questions.

Our company is a supplier of the worldwide producers of the industrial automation components. Our offer includes a wide choice of Panel PCs and Mountable PCs, PLC drivers, SCADA software for the operational systems from Windows CE to Windows XP and Vista, a wide range of protocol converters (RS232/422485, Ethernet, CAN, DeviceNet, optic fibres, ModbusRTU/TCP).

Thanks to the open equipment and programme design, our products can be adjusted to the individual needs of the client. It is possible because of the option of programming in high level languages, which enables their application anywhere, where the typical solutions of automation are not functional.

TechBase also specializes in completing deliveries. We offer to our clients a full service from technological cooperation and help with the choice of optimal equipment and software solutions through gathering elements with all the necessary accessories, additional equipment testing in the target system configuration, ending with packaging and storage.

Our experience, elasticity and a wide knowledge of the market of automation and industrial information technology enables us to adjust our offer to the needs of each and every client. High quality of the supplied products and the reliability and endurance of the designed systems is our priority. We provide our clients with deliveries on time, professional servicing and technical support.