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Indoor Radar Range

Turbocraft, Inc.

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Indoor Radar Range by Turbocraft, Inc.

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Fully automated full size indoor range that is capable of testing aircraft radomes to RTCA DO-213 specs.   This includes transmissivity testing, side lobe enhancement, beam deflection, etc. Basic system is customizable for military and outsize radomes.

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About Turbocraft, Inc.

Turbocraft, Inc.

Turbocraft is an engineering services company that has expertise in Factory Automation, Machine Design, Manufacturing Engineering, Process Control, Systems Integration, Instrumentation and Controls, PLC Programming, Operator Interface Design, Specialty Machinery, Tool Design, and CAD services. Turbocraft can re-design existing parts to improve manufacturability. We can design the manufacturing equipment to make the part/s. We can take an existing manufacturing process and automate it. We can design an automation/process control system, and integrate the machine, sensor, controls, and operator interface into your factory environment. We can re-program your existing PLC’s to incorporate additional manufacturing steps, or design and test a new PLC program. We can engineer your manufacturing tooling and shop aids. We can prototype your new part/s in 3D CAD and provide fully rendered views so you see what it looks like before it is built. We also have experience in guiding ideas through the patent process. PLC manufacturers that we have experience with are Opto 22, Allen Bradley, Omron, IDEC, Automation Direct, & Beckhoff.