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Siemens Drive Based Safety Integrated Workshop

Axis Inc.

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Siemens Drive Based Safety Integrated Workshop

Siemens Drive Based Safety Integrated Workshop

This event will educate the attendees on the benefits of drive based Safety Integrated technology. It will convey the many benefits of Safety Integrated which are focused on providing a safer working environment, increased productivity, and reducing cost.

The event agenda covers these 10 steps:
1. Introduction
2. Basic commissioning of Sinamics G120 drive (optional)
3. Safety Integrated discussion
4. Lab 1 – Hardwired Safe Torque Off
5. Lab 2 – Hardwired Safe Stop 1 (optional)
6. Discuss additional drive based SI functions and Safety Networks
7. Basic commissioning of G120 for PROFINET control (optional)
8. Lab 3 – Configuring dbSI functions controlled via PROFIsafe
9. Sinamics S120 positioning demonstration with dbSI
10. Review range of drive applications utilizing dbSI​


Axis Inc.

210 Meister Avenue

Somerville, NJ 08876


July 26th, 2017 - Wednesday

9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Registration Information

Registration Required: No Fee

Seats Remaining: 19

Event Coordinator

Joe Pitera

Engineering Manager

(908) 337-4274

jpitera - at - axisnj.com

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About Axis, Inc.

Axis, Inc.

Axis, Inc. is a high-tech automation distributor based in Somerville, NJ with offices in Wading River, NY, and Poughkeepsie, NY. We specialize in motion control, machine vision, and process automation. Our staff of automation experts are available to assist you with projects of any scale. Please visit our website (www.axisnj.com) to learn more about our company and our capabilities.